Did You Know?

  • Bill W set the benchmark when he declined, with humble gratitude, an honorary degree of Doctor of Laws offered by Yale for his work in relation to AA.
  • AA Number Three was Bill Dotson the "Man on the Bed". At his death, he had not had a drink in more than nineteen years.
  • Dr Bob's Dog Was Named Roger, he was a pit bull mix.
  • Dr Bob Was AA's Advocate of Telephone Therapy - His Phone Number In 1941 "U N 2 4 3 6".
  • Alcoholics Anonymous Gave The One Millionth Copy of the Big Book to Richard Nixon.
  • The Serenity Prayer was discovered by AA in a New York Herald Tribune obituary in 1942 by New York member Jack.
  • The current preamble was introduced to AA in the June Grapevine 1947. Why current? Because legend has it that there was a preamble before that called the Wilmington Preamble wrote by AA member Shoes L in 1944.
  • Bill W's last Message was at the New York Intergroup Association annual dinner, Oct 10, 1970 in honour of Bill's upcoming 36th anniversary, Dec. 11, 1970.
  • Bill’s wife Lois died on October 5, 1988 at 97 years old. She was present and energetic throughout her latter years and enjoyed good health for most of them. She wanted to live to be 100 and almost did.
  • When publishing the first edition of the Big Book, at the printers Bill W picked the thickest paper the printer had, this made for an very large book. Thus, the book was nicknamed the "Big Book."
  • Bill W was 75 when he died in 1971 and it was only then that it was announced that William Grifith Wilson was alias Bill W (obituary attached).
  • Dr Bob only went to one convention, the St. Louis Convention in 1955 when AA 'Came of Age'.
  • The expression the 'stepping stones to recovery' was based on the name of Bill and Lois W.'s first house 'Stepping Stones'; or was it the other way around? One to think about.
  • No Rules in AA? Don't think so! Rule 62 was created by a founding member of AA who scoffed at the idea of an Alcoholics Anonymous with rules. When a rules committee was formed to discuss a huge list of rules the founding members had come up with, this man suggested that no rules were necessary for AA, because Alcoholics never follow rules anyway! After much discussion, he suggested that there may be just one rule AAs should follow; and that would be Rule 62, which states: "Do not take yourselves so damn seriously!"


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