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Video Corner

On this page we have provided material which you may find interesting, informative or necessary. Please open the attachment or open the link below or paste the link into your address bar.

The Qatar Team. 

The Early Years                   -   Click here
The Spiritual Experience      -   Click here
The Group Must Survive      -   Click here
The Meeting                        -   Click here

Bills Story
Public Service
Announcements               -   Click here

Father Joseph Martin 
Prayer, Path to Gods Will    -   Click here
Recovery and Forgiveness  -   Click here
Gratitude                            -   Click here
Overview                            -   Click here
On Day at a Time                -   Click here
Symptoms of Sobriety         -   Click here
Relapse                               -   Click here
Humour in Recovery           -   Click here
The Path to Gods Will         -   Click here
The 12 Steps of AA             -   Click here
Step 1                                 -   Click here
Step 3                                 -   Click here
Steps 4 and 5                     -   Click here

Carl Jung
Jung and AA                       -   Click here

Early AA Videos
March of Times                  -   Click here